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Friday, 11 October 2013 07:44
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The Best Low Brow Art Collection in Long Beach! By Holden at the Tiki Farm PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 October 2011 06:54
The Best Low Brow Art Collection in Long Beach! By Holden at the Tiki Farm

Here I present a lengthy short story that I’ve got to share with you and that I hope you’ll read because there’s a solid reason why I am sharing this with the friends of Tiki Farm. Here goes…

I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. I’m very proud of having the opportunity to grow up in such a wonderful city and I thrown down the “I’m from the LBC” (thanks Snoop Dogg and Subliime) reference whenever afforded the opportunity. Long Beach is simultaneously coastal & cosmopolitan, ethnically diverse, rich with things to do and places to go. Long Beach to me is like a microcosm of all of Los Angeles. I live in San Clemente now but Long Beach, where I spent the first 30 years of my life, will always be my real home.

Long Beach had Java Lanes (Tiki), The Captains Quarters (Nautical with some Tiki), Mr. C’s (very Tiki) and strewn throughout the city were many apartment complexes and outdoor strip malls decorated with Tiki Facades and many of the interiors of the apartment complexes were indeed adorned with wooden carved Tiki Idols. Long Beach was absolutely Tiki when Tiki was in it’s heyday and all the rage. I’m sure there were other significant Tiki locales that I’m not mentioning here and I swear that I remember visions of Tiki Gas Stations, too.

My dentist is based in Long Beach and my dentist also happens to be a life long solid friend of mine whom I visited a few months ago for my first cleaning in far too many years (shame on me) and whom I haven’t seen all that often since starting Tiki Farm. After my appointment with him, we wanted to catch up on each other’s lives so we decided to meet up after hours at a place of his recommending, a “decent dive bar” as he referred to it called DiPiazza’s Lava Lounge. It was located both on my route back to San Clemente and on the way to his pad. As you can imagine, I was intrigued by the name. My buddy told me “ah, it’s okay, kind of a dive but the food’s decent” and, it was convenient for us both. But it was a DiPiazza locale, so I anticipated it being “a cool hang” (more on the DiPiazza’s later).

I arrived a little early. DiPiazza’s Lava Lounge is now in the exact location of the aforementioned and subsequently long-since closed Captain’s Quarters, where as a child, I dined with my family many times. It brought a smile to my face pulling into the parking lot and making this realization. I tried entering through the “front door” from the parking lot, but the front door was now the back door and the back door was locked. The new front door (old back door) faced out over the main drag, Pacific Coast Highway. I stepped through the door, and through the door I entered a dimly lit version of…

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